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Your excursion with us begins at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club, where you will board the 42 foot Alii-Kai. large enough to carry 40 people, but limited to 25 per trip, you will not have to worry about overcrowding like many of the other boats doing the same tour. After about a twenty minute journey, we will arrive at the Stingray City Sandbar, where, after anchoring and being given a briefing, you will be welcomed into the water by our loving southern stingrays. Once in the water you will be able to touch the rays, feed the rays, and if you chose to, even hold one of our gentle giants. After a full 35 minutes in the water, we will pull up anchor and head over to the barrier reef. Once at the reef you will be given a saftey briefing, instructions, and be provided with a mask, fins and a snorkel. Once in the water you will see beautiful coral, lots of tropical fish, and maybe even one of our local green moray eels. After another 35 minutes in the water, we will get everyone aboard, pull up anchor and either head back to port or do a little beach break at Starfish Point. The Alii-Kai is equipted with a fresh water hose, for rinsing off the salt water, and you will be provided with fresh fruit after snorkeling.

Stingray and Reef, Two stop tour

This tour is best suited for our cruise ship guests who have limited time due to their ship schedule. It includes a 35 minute stop at the Sandbar to play with the stingrays rays and a 35 minute stop at the reef to go snorkeling. Tour times and availibility vary depending on your cruise ship arrival times, but you are typicaly given about an hour after the first ship tender arrives. This gives you the time needed to get off of your ship, and gives us the time needed to get you back to the terminal well before your last tender. Our represantive meets you at the pier, and Our Tour takes about 2 1/2 hours, after which you will either be returned to the cruise pier in George Town, or given the option to be droped off at the world famous Seven Mile Beach.

Price: $55us for 13 and older, $45us for guests under 12

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Stingrays, Reef and Starfish. Three stop tour.

This tour is usually best suited for guests who are staying on island. We typically start in the early afternoon, after the rush of the cruise ship guests has subsided. In addition to seeing the stingrays and snorkeling the reef, we also include Starfish point. Tour takes about 3 1/2 hours, and we offer pickup service in our air conditioned bus, anywhere along Seven Mile Beach. For those Guests who wish to drive themselves, detailed instructions will be given.

Price: $65us for 13 and older, $55us for guests under 12

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Private Charter

Private charters are a great way to add a customized touch to your vacation. We can modify the schedule to suit your group's needs, by changing the itinerary to include places like Rum Point Club or Kai-Bo Beach Bar and Grill.

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